The 1st Hundred Years

Victoria District No. 20 had its inception at the 61st Annual Communication of

Grand Lodge, held in London, Ontario on July 16th, 1916, on the recommendation

of the "Special Committee on the Proposed Re-Distribution of the Lodges and Re-

Constitution of the Districts". Formerly parts of Ontario District No. 12 and

Otonabee District No. 20, the newly appointed Victoria District consisted of the

following lodges: Faithful Brethren Lodge, No. 77, Lindsay; Corinthian Lodge,

No. 101 & Peterborough Lodge, No. 155, Peterborough; Verulam Lodge, No. 268,

Bobcaygeon; Clementi Lodge, No 313, Lakefield; Lorne Lodge, No. 375,

Omemee; Victoria Lodge, No. 398, Kirkfield; The Spry Lodge No. 406, Fenelon

Falls; Murray Lodge, No. 408, Beaverton; Arcadia Lodge, No. 440, Minden;

Somerville Lodge, No. 451, Kinmount; North Entrance Lodge, No. 464,

Haliburton; Harding Lodge, No. 477, Woodville; King George V Lodge, No. 498,

Coboconk; and Royal Arthur Lodge, No. 523, Peterborough. R.W. Bro. James B.

Begg of Faithful Brethren Lodge had the honour of being the first DDGM of the

newly formed District.

The next realignment to the District took place between 1922 and 1923 with the

addition of Gothic Lodge, No. 608, Lindsay, and the redistribution of the

Peterborough and Lakefield Lodges to the new Peterborough District. We then

consisted of 12 of the current lodges. In 1948, the brethren of Brock Lodge, No.

354, Cannington joined the group and finally in July 1963, King Edward Lodge,

No. 464, Sunderland completed the present formation of 14 lodges.

As we reflect on the Centennial of this great District, we look back with pride

and fond memories of all the talented and esteemed brethren who have lead the

way and gone before us. We can be proud of the tradition of dedication and the

quality of Masonry that has prevailed. We shall continue to act towards each other

as true and faithful craftsmen and be ever;

“Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part, Happy to Meet Again!”

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Faithful Brethren #77(1)

Gothic #608(1)